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Love the tranquility of freshwater fishing? Hooked on the rush of deep-sea? Yeah, us too. That's why fishing products are a major focus of our store.

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November Fishing Report

Hi. Just another 100mls of rain or so in the past few days –yes, it’s been a wet spring and not so warm either. This has made fishing the local streams and rivers a bit of a problem. The extra colour in the water is fine but the extra flow, and there’s been plenty of...

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Spring Fishing Report

Yes, spring is in the air. In fact it’s right upon us and yes, so is the seemingly never ending rain. The rivers and streams around the district seem to be in a consistent state of high and dirty. This of course makes them difficult to fish. There has been some nice...

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Into November!

Hi, trust me spring is doing its best to be sprung but mother nature keeps throwing these raining, windy days at us, she can be good like that. Here we are into November, a great time of the year for fishing, both fresh and salt water fishing are really coming into...

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Nice bit of rain over the weekend

Hi all, good to catch up with you again. Nice bit of rain over the weekend if you work the land that is. If you were trying to go fishing, not so good ah! This unsettled spring just seems to keep on keeping on doesn’t it? I have had some very good reports on the local...

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Fishing Report

Rain, I’ll give ya rain, in case you have been living under an umbrella lately, we have had a lot of rain and all our local streams and rivers are running high. In fact some are barely fishable. The good thing about this district though is there are plenty of options....

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First of October

Hi all, a bit wet underfoot but wow isn’t the grass growing around the district now. The first of October sees the opening of the new trout season, the local streams all open up and there should be some good fishing to be had. The streams had a bit of a flush out and...

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