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Hi, good to catch up with you again, hope all is great in your camp. We seem to be still struggling to get a pattern of nice warm spring weather, however the rain is good at this time of the year, for some anyway J.

As I mentioned in the last report, evening fishing on the local streams is very good at the moment. When you are choosing your fly or spinner go for something looking like a beetle or an insect.

In the Rotorua area the trout fishing is still a bit patchy. A big game changer there will be some hotter weather, this will cause a thermal cline layer on the lakes and help big time with the jigging. The pick of the lakes if you had to choose one would be Tarawera, closely followed by Lake Rotorua, then Rotioiti.

In the Taupo area the good story on the rivers just continues on. My man down there fishes virtually every day and he said he has not missed with a nice fish or two on every trip. Ken said his pick would be the Tauranga/Taupo. Out on the lake early morning harling with a bright pink lure or the new lumo chartreuse.

To the sea, if you get a chance get out to the west coast. Both Kawhia and Raglan are going great guns. Last week Dwade Pinny took his new boat out on its first trip and hit the jackpot. He was back at the wharf by mid-afternoon and had a limit bag on board. Now, two of the snapper were over that magical 20 pound mark and eight of them were over 15 pound, now that’s fishing.

Dwade has been fishing north of Kawhia in about 62 metres of water, green and chartreuse colours seem to be working well.

Up to the Coromandel and that is another area that is just doing it big time. At our last fishing club competition last week the best snapper was caught in the far north by Hughy McKean, yes I know, how did he get the time off, but he managed to J.

The second to biggest was caught by Eileen Ward up in the mussel farms, by the way Hugh’s was just over 20 pounds and Eileen’s not far away. The Clothier family also weighed in a bin of beautiful snapper from up there so given the choice that’s where I would be heading. Very good tides this week too with low tide mid to late afternoon and high tides just after the change of light. Big tides this week too with the full moon on the 15th.

Over to the Mercury Bay area, nice tides for evening straylining this week, fish the edges of the foul ground around Koropuki and the southern end of Green Island.

In the Bay of Plenty, we went out to Mayor Island last week and while we didn’t get any trophy winners, we got a very nice bin of snapper up to 14 pound. Fishing in 18 metres on the western side off the bolder bank, the burley took a while to work but once it did we were away.

Another good spot in the bay at the moment is the foul ground off the southern end of the knoll at Motiti. There is a big reef there running down towards Town Point and it comes up to about 8 metres of water. Last week the Matamata Fishing Club held another great comp. the major sponsor was J Swaps, along with many many others, a great big thankyou to you all, all our sponsors are on our website, www.matamatafishingclub.co.nz, check it out and support them where you can.

There was a crowd of close to 200 there and a great time was had by all. The next comp is on 3rd and 4th December and it will be another awesome one, a major lucky member draw prize is a Viking kayak. You don’t want to miss this one so come into Sportsworld and get signed up.

Happy fishing


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