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Rain, I’ll give ya rain, in case you have been living under an umbrella lately, we have had a lot of rain and all our local streams and rivers are running high. In fact some are barely fishable. The good thing about this district though is there are plenty of options. The Lakes, Karapiro and Aropuni, or the upper reaches of the Waihou, and of course over the weekend all the smaller streams opened, Saturday being the 1st of October.


In Rotorua, the place was a real buzz over the weekend with the opening of the trophy lakes. The reports I have had in so far have been good, most people seemed to do quite well with probably the best performing lake being Rotoiti, closely followed by Tarawera. The best results come from early morning trolling and then jigging during the day.


In Taupo the rivers have been up and down with the rain, but have been fishing very well when Mother Nature allows. The best performing rivers have been the Tongariro and the Tauranga/Taupo. The lake itself has been a bit patchy on results, generally fairly hard during the day but worth an early morning venture.


To the sea. Now is the time to head west, the snapper fishing off Kawhia and Raglan is exceptional at this time of the year. The big snapper are moving in to spawn and are out there in big numbers, and big in size. In fact it’s not unusual to see 20 pounders weighed in at his time of the year. Dwade Pinny, charter skipper, tells me, head out to about 60 metres of water. Up to the Coromandel region. Number one when it comes to fish stocks, shelter and safe boating, it really is a fisho’s paradise. If you can fish the turn of the tide at low and then the first couple of hours on the way in.


Over the ranges to the Mercury Bay area, John Ellwood, skipper of the charter boat The Whai is all smiles. He tells me the fishing around the Mercs has been exceptional lately. John said virtually all around any of the Islands, along the edge of the foul has been full of snapper, in fact the best he has seen for a while.


Over to the Bay of Plenty, fishing on the Five Mile Reef out off the Mount has been good, people have been reporting quote good numbers of snapper and terakihi on the reef. Out at Mayor Island and Motiti the change of light fishing has been quite good. Fish along the edges of the foul and use plenty of burley for best results. For those who like to fish the shore there has been some nice snapper caught off Papamoa lately, with a nice mixture of fat kahawai as well.


Happy fishing



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